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SparkyLinux 5.7.1 LXQt Virualbox

Started by travica77, May 12, 2019, 12:00:04 PM

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i installe SparkyLinux 5.7.1 but in aptus i can not install virtualbox


No, you can not install it now.
The virtualbox has been temporary removed from Debian Buster repos.
You have two solutions:
1. Temporary enable Debian Sid repos and install virtualbox.
2. or download virtualbox deb package for Buster from the VirtualBox project page and install it.
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I tried numerous times to get kvm-qemu up 3 years ago stretch was in testng, I went with Virtualbox.  However in my new ssd where Buster stable will go I did the live Debian Buster, and kvm-qemu came up easy.  I had problems with the virtual box ppa.  And my  3 y.o .vdi of Windows7 converted to qemu easy also. 

So maybe try kvm-qemu. There will always be a clash of philosophy - views between Debian and VirtualBox.

The above option will get you virualbox.  I had no problems with it so far in 3 years in Stretch. 
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