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Error screen and freeze after "boot menu" Live/Install with USB...

Started by borrougagnou, April 19, 2019, 01:42:41 AM

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Hi !
I think it's the beginning of a long problem sequence, but I try...

I would like to use Sparky Linux 4.9.2 LXDE with my old computer but when I click on "SparkyLinux US English" in the boot menu,
the result is:

And my keyboard/mouse freeze... impossible to do something...

For information, I use "sparkylinux-4.9.2-i686-lxde.iso" and insert into USBKey 2.0 with dd command and your CLI method:
Graphic Card: NVIDIA GeForce 7300 SE
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 6300 1.86GHz

If you can help-me I won't refuse, because it's impossible to install Sparky on my computer...



dd  if- ...  thanks.   Did you do a checksum?  But first -

Can you get a virtual tty ?      Ctl-Alt-F1    or Ctl-Alt-F4 should get one for you - specifically to tty1 or tty4.      Once you have graphical working again, Ctl-Alt-F7 is the virtual tty that  your graphics is on, tty7. 

What was on the old box before and was it running well enough? Have you run linux before?    I am guessing that you used the graphical install - Calamares.  You can try it a different way via the advanced installer.   But if you got  a tty up, please  write up the last 2 lines and post. 

Old box, you do not want uefi probably. 

peace out.
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


I know how to use dd and yes checksum, sorry

And no, I already tried to launch a tty, but impossible...
after this "weird" screen, my keyboard don't answer
and this screen appear just after (or maybe during) the start

And not it's not my first Linux, I have Debian 8 installed since long time ago but if I remember I had to do some manipulations because I had a "black screen" problem with "nouveau" but too old for remember...

And yes, I don't have UEFI.

Advanced Installer ?!? what do you mean by that?
In the boot menu I only have:
- SparkyLinux US English
- SparkyLinux US English nosplash
- SparkyLinux failsafe
- SparkyLinux toram
- SparkyLinux text mode
- Boot the first hard disk
- More Languages...

HOOO wow !! after rebooting my debian for begin install sparky again, the "bug" print some part of my "debian desktop"

Starting boot (all okay, no problem):

After "Hostname Service" (latest line in the starting boot):

And just after: Finish ! :



i think 686*iso is for 32 bits, right?  You don't need that.

This looks like you have bad video drivers.  Err, I mean your video card doesn't like your video drivers.  I guess look for driver version loaded with  the command lsmod.  hmm. actually not sure how you'd check if you're just crashing.

did you say you did not install sparky, but only are using the install image?

Thanks ! :)


You can try to run Sparky using 'failsafe' option.

Otherwise, you can also run Sparky in 'text mode' and then run the advanced installer (as root or with sudo):
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sorry for wait,

I was pretty busy,

kanliot : I need 32bits version yes, not 64, I always had 32-bit OS on this computer  + I'm blocked during the installation, I can't install sparky :/ my computer freeze (keyboard, mouse, other) just after he finish the "starting boot" I don't see nothing
about lsmod (in text-mode):

pavroo : hooo ! a ncurses installation ! good !
I edit my message if I found another problem

okay ! I installed Sparky and my computer aaaaand .....


during boot:

after boot:

so okay... I installed Sparky on my computer but I have exacly the same problem....


Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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Can you switch to tty ? If yes run
sudoedit /etc/default/grub

Find the line starting with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT and append the new parameter to its end. Like this:

Save the file and update grub
sudo update-grub

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pavroo : failsafe with USBKey? HA ! I never tried this option, but, it work ! yes I thought I had tested, but, in fact ... no mybad

lami07 : hooo? they exist an option into grub to prevent use "nouveau" driver ??? I knew that with VGA but not with nouveau, HOOOO ! it work when I had this option directly on the grub !

okay, it's weird because it work but I don't know what system he uses for "replace" nouveau :/

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