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I'm thinking of making a Sparky spin customized for my target users.  There are not what I would call big changes, something that would classify as a new distro,  but rather lots of little changes I don't want to repeat on each installation.  I've seen the rules --

--- Quote ---If you make a spin of existing iso image or a hard drive installation of SparkyLinux you have to:
1. Change the iso image name adding 'community', 'custom', 'unofficial' or 'remix' in the new spin's name.
2. Let all the people know that you made an 'unofficial' spin which is NOT made by SparkyLinux 'dev' team members.
--- End quote ---

and I get it that I don't want to misrepresent Sparky, but what about all the references to Sparky within the operating system?  On this installation I'm using, I get

--- Code: ---$ cat /etc/*-release
PRETTY_NAME="SparkyLinux 5.7 (Nibiru)"
VERSION="5.7 (Nibiru)"

--- End code ---

Obviously there are lots of references to Sparky?  So my first questions would be
1.  Should I change these (adding community or remix or something)?
2.  Am I allowed to change these if I want?
3.  If so, how?

Thanks for help!

Fell free to to what you want.

My point is to not releasing a spin with 'sparkylinux' name, just with yours or with remix or custom suffix, that's all.
What you will do inside - it's yours, there is a Debian wiki page which tell you how to rebrand your installation.

Thanks for replying.  I'll try to find the Debian Wiki page.
My aim was to give credit to Sparky and honor the genius of Sparky but not try to represent my alterations as Sparky, which I guess is the purpose of those rules.
If I do follow the Wiki page and rebrand, I'm also wondering what of my alterations might get overwritten by upgrades, etc.  Perhaps the Wiki explains...


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