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Desktop Launchers - Change Icon

Started by herndon.jeffreys, April 24, 2019, 08:47:00 PM

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I am very grateful for Sparky...  I do have a question, however.  I have put several launchers on the desktop (not the panel), and would like to change the default icon on one of them (The icon is a "page," which I guess is the default for a Wine launched Windows program).  I tried right clicking on the icon and selecting "Properties,"  but when I click on the icon in "Properties" nothing happens.  Is it possible to change the icon?  If so, how?

Thanks for your patience with me.  Have a great day!


Hey herndon, thanks for asking!

basically each entry on the desktop is represented by a desktop file. 
I think there used to be a an editor for these files, I suppose it still might exist.

I personally use "midnight commander" but I think for you this is an easy thing to learn.

just use a text editor to edit the correct file in your "Desktop" directory

basically you will make sure that a line with "Icon" contains an image in the format pcmanfm-qt expects.  Beware images with spaces in the filename IIRC.


Thank you! I will give it a try! When I restarted the computer, it brought up the program's own icon, but I think I still want a different one...  I am grateful for your willingness to take the time for a "Sparky Newbie."

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