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Ghetto-skype (unofficial skype client)

Started by jidan, April 02, 2019, 01:44:13 AM

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The official skype client for linux is a mess. I can't make video/voice calls with client installed or web client via chromium. Also I couldnt use an official client on x86 netbooks. Microsoft doesn't really support linux client.
So, I looked for an unofficial application and found ghetto-skype. It's an electron implementation using the web client with video/audio support.
Maybe it can help also other sparky users and include binaries in the repos.
The code is here:
you need npm v8 to compile

the last build I use for x86-64 (available for a month):

PS: There are much better IM networks than skype but many friends keep on using it. I'm suggesting to give a try to Wire. Web client here:


Here's the i386 version of ghetto-skype (available for a month):

Note: Electron requires libc6 >= v2.27 so it won't run on stretch (sparky stable). On buster (sparky 5x) is checked and working as expected.

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