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Question about new application MKUSB.

Started by MH, March 23, 2019, 11:02:01 PM

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Hi there ,

a new application for cloning data to a .iso file is proclamed on the sparky website.
Has anyone experience with that ?
Is it possible to make a clone of the installed sparky linux system as image for a backup ?
I mean a real backup of sparky  if something goes wrong and you want to replay the image back to harddrive !

MH ;)


Never try the app, but...

1. You can use sparkybackup to make backup of your sparky installation, but it doesn't backup your full home dir, only desktops configuration from home.

2. As a second solution, without doing backup, I suggest to install sparky on btrfs file system with separated home dir on btrfs too, and make regular backup using for example Timeshift.

3. Use clonezilla, luckybackup, etc. to create regular file backup.
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@pavroo ,

yeah thank you for informations.

i have already solved the clone problem with a sector by sector copy approach.
stuff works only from a boot cd when the OS is not started/mounted.
Just want to ask of the abilities of this new tool.

Helps a lot.


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