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Why does SparkyLinux use Debian-Testing?

Started by kanliot, March 14, 2019, 05:15:52 PM

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using sparky lxqt for a few months.

enjoying everything, but I'm finding bugs, I've reported bugs before.

Since this is a different distro than debian, `uname -a`
is there even a way to report bugs and use support for  SparkyLinux besides this forum?
If I can't report bugs, why is Sparkylinux based on  debian testing, and not say, Ubuntu?

It seems like I could do more if there was a Sparkylinux package for debian, instead of using debian packages for SparkyLinux.

Anyhow everything is nice here, except some problems using Xterm.   Qterminal is just too buggy to use everyday.


Welcome to the world of derivatives. 

If a bug occurs in both a Debian and a Sparky install, you can use the Debian Bug Tracking system and use "reportbug"  Saying "Sparky and Debian Buster"  might get a slight rebuke until they realize that it is a valid report because your data is from a "pure" Debian install.  I have done this a time or two (less than 8) with a  Debian testing VM (AMD64) and Sparky on bare metal (I386).   

As for anyone using Testing, one of the first places to look when things go sideways is                         #### also view the wiki.

And since it probably hit Sid first (10 days prior now we are in hard freeze), the Siduction forum is helpful.  They ask you not to post unless you are using their derivative but lurking is encouraged.

You can always post here - however the numbers here are low for finding solutions.  Good bug reports are always welcome.

peace out. 
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


thx for the nice  reply paxmark1!

I think you understand the situation perfectly, but I don't quite agree with you.    Because I'd rather not create a bug, and then randomly have it rejected.

I'm thinking my fallback plan is to install debian testing on a 2009 pc, and just not use it until I find a bug.


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