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Solved: kde5 plasma 5 auto update turn off

Started by paxmark1, January 30, 2019, 06:36:13 PM

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I have a virtual machine of Sparky5  KDE 64 bit and when I go into updating it in terminal on start up often times it will give a 2 line  error message on
"apt full-upgrade -d"   that says apt is busy.  And I can repeat apt update and watch the numbers of programs to update decrease.  I note that the sparky upgrades do not occur automatically. 
I tested and this occurs even when I go to tty1 (via (right) Ctl-F1 (as it is a virtualboxen). 

I looked around the web awhile back, no luck.  Again today.

I have looked around in preferences - especially in background services     ##They can not find anything either

Debian forums, no luck, I have followed  a Sid forum for years and have not seen anything there either. 

So if any one knows, I would appreciate. 

I am preparing to transfer my stable system to buster in a month or two and I was thinking of going to Wayland, but "never-gnome" for me, and sway is not stable enough for me.  KDE is often a bumpy ride in testing (and pure chaos at times in Sid I see) but it would be all right for me in Stable.  But not if it auto-updates on me, I like to control all updates.  peace out.

If anyone knows

EDIT :  Days later.

It was a little glitchy, back and forth for getting it to save in Discover. I was not sure.  So I  logged in over the course of several days, and updated and let it sit for hours, no auto-update.  Thank you very much lami07 .
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


KDE Plasma has it own software center/updater called Discover. You can disable/modify it's autoupdate feature there.
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