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Changing desktops

Started by jcannon844, February 04, 2019, 10:26:54 PM

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My apologies for asking such an elementary question to the forum. I am a practicing Linux user having given up on Windows [whatever number or word] and replacing my OS need with a Chromebox for many years now. Recently, I loaded Sparky Linux on an older Acer laptop. It came to my attention that I could change the desktop within Sparky Linux by using APTus. I tried changing to 4 different desktops, i.e., Jade, but could never get the distro to run with the newly applied desktop. The only thing that happened with each try was a new login screen asking for username and password. After many tries for both, it was clear I had no idea of what the username and password was to login using the new desktop. I appreciate any help or direction on where to learn more about resolving my problem Thank you in advance for your time.


After installing a new desktop, and loging out, did you choose a new desktop from a login manager?
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What happens if during the installer you choose to login automatically? When you choose another DE, there is no login screen, and no way to select your new DE?


Log out, then comes the login screen.


DE -= Desktop Environment

Is this a question about what might happen  if you had set things up to by pass the login manager (i.e. lightdm, gdm, sddm, slim etc) or  something you actually did? 

If you actually  set up your machine to bypass the login manager and then added another  DE, you wold need to reverse that via the command line with help from the notes you made during your install. 

All the log in managers have an icon - when clicked it will show you your installed options for DE's.   In SDDM it is a rectangle with a tiny triangle missing from the top right with a with part of an open box wrench inside the rectangle to the left of the date,time.   

jcannon844 - if solved please edit you subject via adding SOLVED:   to the beginning of the subject. 
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