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Started by james, January 27, 2019, 03:37:40 AM

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I installed a copy of Sparky Linux for the fist time and ran Clam TK and it found PUAs in Libre office and master PDF 5 plus trojan software.  Does sparky linux install PUAs into their software or how do i download a clean copy without PUAs?


Sometimes, antivirus scaners treats some app modules, for example updater, registrer/login as potental virus or so.
Before doing anything, you should post your virus scan result so we could analise/google it to make sure what did you find.

Anyway, LibreOffice is an open source app, which comes from Debian repos and I am pretty sure there is nothing bad.
The Master PDF is a close source app and can say nothing about that.

So, scan result please.
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