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Unlock Default Keyring for Skype

Started by ark781, January 25, 2019, 06:16:16 AM

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I sign into skype as usual but  this pop up program says:
"An application wants access to the keyring 'Default Keyring', but is locked."
And I have to enter a password which is what I have forgotten in sparkylinux game over edition
Where do I go to change the password?


Install 'seahorse' package, the run from menu: "Passwords and Keys" and try to do what you need.
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Thanks a lot I downloaded that and then found a web page that gave me a rough idea on how to install + plugin, I then opened the program, and deleted the Default Keyring under the 'Passwords' tab and it asked for a new keyring password. I left this message for future newbies like myself :).

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