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Hello. Can get get some help with using xterm

Started by kanliot, January 17, 2019, 08:01:31 AM

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Hi, I switched to  SparkyLinux 5.6.2 LXQt (stretch ) because I was looking for something friendly for keyboard users like myself.

Install went GREAT.  However using the terminal was messed up. 

For some reason my ~/.profile wasn't getting run.  (I formatted by home partition)   ~/.bashrc was getting run, since bash was selected in my terminal.

I fixed some of the stuff by moving lines from ~/.profile into ~/.bashrc, but I'm still having a problem in the terminal.

For instance, when I start xterm from "Alt-f2"  it doesn't read .Xresources  or .xinitrc or .Xwhatever so the alt key is seriously messed up.
However, if I start xterm from the lxqt-panel, I don't have a problem with the alt key.

basically I want my .profile to run normally, and .~/.Xresources to fix the alt key in  xterm.
(I searched this forum for xterm and .Xresources and .xinitrc )

thanks in advance,
Karl Anliot

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