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Handling Flash Player

Started by TheFalcon, November 28, 2018, 03:43:08 AM

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I recently installed Sparky on a friends laptop. She had been tearing her hair out over various Windoze issues and she was really impressed with Sparky and the LXDE/Openbox gui however she struck an issue with Flash Player (on Firefox browser). She plays online slot machine and other games via Facebook (while I am Linux experienced I do not do any of this stuff and it doesn't interest me much at all). It seems that many of the online game sites update their Flash versions on almost a ridiculously frequent basis. They won't allow play until the update has been done. If you bite the bullet and upgrade via the Adobe site it doesn't always work with the target game site still insisting the version of Flash is unacceptable. Naturally this is after Firefox (and even after reboot) has been re-started.

So I ask the question of people who may also like such sites. What is the recommended way of keeping Flash up-to-date? Is going outside the distro and direct to Adobe a good or a bad idea? I always try (but as a developer sometimes fail) to stay within Distro guidelines and as I do not frequent places which have such aggressive update strategies I'm looking for suggestions from those who may have more exposure to this issue. Any comments or suggestions would me most appreciated as this is all that stops my friend from formatting Windoze out of existence, which would surely be a good thing! ;) She really likes her Facebook games and slots, poor thing! ;D


Have you tried aptus in the codecs section.

old school    various  options.

To search your machine for options
Many results
"apt-cache search flash | less"

Fewer results 
" aptitude search flash | less"       ## | less      pipes output to less 

Stable Stretch Debian  fails 
p@s:~$ sudo update-flashplugin-nonfree --install
link to Adobe Flash Player not found on at line 58.
ERROR: failed to get upstream version
More information might be available at:

   fails for me in Stretch. 

Sparky5-dev in vm  - not installed default.   Only two options here - ancient Jessie and Sid (the kid who breaks toys) 

Via dibl, Adobe press release, possibly biased

Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


Quote from: TheFalcon on November 28, 2018, 03:43:08 AM
.... What is the recommended way of keeping Flash up-to-date?
In either Sparky 4.9 or Sparky 5.5, you can use flashplayer-mozilla package provided by Deb Multimedia:

# apt install flashplayer-mozilla

Today, personally, I don't use flashplayer anymore. But some time ago I always used Christian Marillat's deb multimedia repository.

Cheers!!    ;)
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Thanks for replies,

Quote from: Paxmark1old school    various  options

nice too see there's a few old school (my type also) types in the sparky world. Yes tried most of the standard methods of getting the most up-to-date version but those guys running online slots/games sites seem to update flash so regularly that the update fix lasts only a few days. Personally I don't like flash (or adobe for that matter) so that's why I thought I'd ask the question. Seems my friend is Windoze bound, what a shame. I don't play games on my pc, and definitely don't do slots, I have a PS4 for games but I don't really play that much as Linux is where I live mostly... 8) Thanks again for the feedback.

PS: Have tried the Deb Multimedia option too which was probably the best fix but it too doesn't last long.

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