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Pcmanfm-qt crashes when trying to launch network share

Started by rmcellig, October 20, 2018, 03:34:10 PM

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I just installed 5.5 qt , ran all the updates and restarted my computer. When I select the network icon in pcmanfm I see all of my network shares. When I double click to open any of them, pcmanfm quits. What should I do?


Needs more info.  GIGO

Sparky 4 or 5.  Qt 5 would have already been in place with many De's in Sparky5 or 4 even.  5.7.1+
or      qt5-default (5.11.1

hopefully not  5.11.2+dfsg-3   because

How did you install  (so we can know you did not compile it)

What version pcmanfm-qt?
Have you looked at

network shares  smb?  nfs?  ssh?
What sort of storage or machines are you connecting to.

In Sparky5 lxqt
Package: pcmanfm-qt
Version: 0.11.3-2 
my DNS-323 nas (I run Alt-F on it) connected to network via ssh is shown under networks and Window networks.
Clicking on does nothing.
But I can access it via a bookmark I have in pcmanfm-qt (and also 2 other computers have sftp bookmarks in pcmanfm-qt)

10  + years ago I tried smb between linux computers and abandoned after wasted effort, nfs did work.  It can work between linux and windows, probably much easier.  But really - ssh is the gold standard now.

There are differences between ssh's in linux and old windows.  More and more the new stable secure ssh will refuse to connect to insecure ssh versions. 

And a "how can I be that silly" for me was not installing openssh-server with only openssh-client. 
And another possible thing for ssh, it could be changed keys. 

Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


If I type smb://IP address in pcmanfm qt, smb shares display no problem.  It's only when I double click a share icon that pcmanfm crashes. The version of pcmanfm qt is the one that comes with sparky 5.5 lxqt. I used the sparky installer from my sparky live USB.

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