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Can not boot the SparkyLinux MATE x86_64 live DVD

Started by joshuabarnes, September 27, 2018, 07:22:51 AM

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Yesterday I downloaded SparkyLinux 3.4.1 MATE x86_64 disk image and burned it to a dvd, but despite my effort I can't get it to boot. I did the md5 hash check and it was ok.Funny is when I use dd and write it to a USB flash disk it boots alright.
I use a Laptop(Fujitsu Lifebook AH532) that has very bad EFI implementation so if I install any linux distro in EFI mode, it breaks the Setup and boot menu(it messes some NVRAM stuff, I don't really know) and I have to go to lot of trouble to fix that. Unfortunately the USB disk boots into EFI mode automatically, but if I use the optical disk boot it gives me an option to choose   which Boot mode I want to use(BIOS/UEFI). so the only way for me is to get the disk I burned to work.
During the boot process there is only an error about failing to start live-config service and some acpi warnings, which is identical to USB boot.
Any suggestions?


Wow       It is alway o.k. to post links to your sources of info for attempting getting linux onto a problematic computer.  I think it is too early to be a Baytrail merde.  Shorting  pins on ram is way more than I would ever do. Not a lot in info out there, not a good sign.

Trying to get it all straight from your post.

1.  MD5 good.   Question is - good for the download.iso - is it good for the burnt dvd?  and is it good for the usb stick?  All 3 should have the same value and verifiable. 

2. Another possibility is that the DVD reader is dirty or old or damaged.  But then if damaged and reads the dvd poorly, it would not output the correct. md5 sum.

3. It should make little difference between DVD and USB for the install process, except that the DVD would be slower. 

4.  "dd" is what I usually use.

5.  At what precise point does the DVD install fail?  It at least gets up to the choice between uefi versus a bios based install from the way I read it.  Does it make to partitioning, package installation, grub installation, does it fail at the restart for the first boot on the hard disk?

6.  Whatever you get to work on this machine, I would strongly urge you keep that in place.  And yes, I applaud you for using Sparky 4 and stability, I doubt that testing-rooling has any additions that will aid in getting an older problematic machine up. 

I am presently trying to find out if it is the car battery or the battery charger that is my problem in another aspect  of my life.  I feel for you. If it just does not work out, I would recommend the Debian stable with non-free components for you next try, then Centos.   Peace out.
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


Another possibility perhaps is to check your BIOS and ensure Legacy Boot is enabled.  If there's no way to enable Legacy Boot, ensure Secure Boot and Fast Boot are both disabled.

Also, FWIW, you may be running into an instance where your existing installation is formatted with GPT, but Legacy Boot uses MBR; and you can't install a distro with MBR formatting on a disk that's already formatted for GPT.  You'll have to wipe the entire partition in order to change the disk format.  Can you boot a Live Session of Sparky?  Or any distro with PartEd?  If you can get that far, verifying the partition formats might yield a clue also.  Link here to learn how to verify whether GPT or MBR partition.

Once you know how your disk is formatted, you may have a better idea of the options available to you.

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