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Feedback on Sparky and general

Started by abisha, October 01, 2018, 10:09:16 PM

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I really really new to linux i try it in the past a few times never got me hooked for reasons that UI get stuck etc.
still not really matters now so i try Sparky and i like it for starters a UI that works is +100 in my books it's clean etc.
so now the deal, first i open Firefox so far so good then the problems already start i need adobe flash so the site redirect me to adobe no biggy then i need to choose which version Linux this is.. like wtf.
then i try all 4 one of them let me download then the next problem happens the hell do i install flash if i double click it kind of unpack the fire like a rar.... so this is where i stop no adobe.

my suggestions,
make it passable to boot from a Stick, or SD i am sick of polluting my SSD drive
Install PDF writer in the basic of linux (office is old school) people work with PDF this day's.
I don't know if possible but try to make the interface a little like windows like a start button (it's really matters for a lot of people) ask anyone about windows 8.1
if possible have the software automatically install software when pressing "a" file

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