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suggestions =D

Started by picasso, September 10, 2018, 08:58:08 PM

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Hi my name is Victor and i have suggestions for sparky <3

1. Create list updates for sparky uploaded in screen the user for example a windows informing about wine and updates (you take information in site about updates)... this no have in any distri you would be first implement this.
2. pack separateds about audio, modeling 3d and video edition =D this is very nice! Than more better about this softwares =D
3. Channel in telegram for support very fast.
4. Software in sparky for talk developer at where send info about suggestions etc...

Well that's its for now sorry about translater automatic and bad english =x


Packs virtualization also (qemu, xen, vmware workstation etc) all in icons in aptitus <3 <3 <3


I guess I need to clarify what our friend tried to say  ;D

He thought about a message telling users why and when you did changes to the packages or code because of any failure reported or corrected, like an informative to people why you did changes (when is you who did).

Like when some package is missing at testing and is moved to sparky repository (we discussed this on personal talk and I said he could and should say at forum...)
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Yeap. My english no very good  ;D

Well... would be cool implement store themes for lxde or other graphic interface this much useful in lxde... other good thing would be implement compiz fix bugs in sparky... i try use compiz in debian and bug... in sparky dont work than could be done a manual about compiz or fix bugs than not work in debian distribuitions (lxde).


Other suggestion very nice could implement repository parrot (more complete than kali...) in sparky for exemple apt install sparky-pentest than install all packs parrot pentest without bugs that have in scripts... =s

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