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default De and easy installation

Started by xfrank, September 23, 2018, 05:35:13 PM

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Maybe this topic was discussed previously, but I think It's still relevant. I have just installed Sparky with Mate DE. Beautiful! But because the default Sparky desktop is Lxqt I had to do the installation not with Calamares but with a more "advanced" (aka more difficult) installer. I'm not a novice and I had no problem, but frankly, it's preferable the "easy" way...
I ask if it's possible to have Calamares for all Desktop Environments. Personally I don't like Lxqt, I prefer Mate, Xfce, Lxde or maybe Openbox or Trinity.  Probably the devs had their reason choosing Lxqt but searching the forum I can see many users having other DEs installed.  :)


I'm not a member of dev team, so I can only speak for myself. Being able to install every desktop environment through calamares would be great, but I imagine it would require lot of man power to implement such feature. I hardly believe it will ever happen. Have you tried Sparky MinimalGUI ? It is equipped with both installers. By default it installes Openbox with minimal set off applications. And with help of aptus you will be able to install your favorite DE with ease.
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Thanks Lami07, next time I will try the minimalgui installation. I would like to know, however, the opinion of a dev about offering Calamares for all DEs (or at least for a number of the most commonly preferred DEs like Xfce,Mate,Openbox,LXDE, etc.). 


There is an option to do that in your way: Install MinimaGUI using Calamares as you like, then use APTus to install your favorite desktop. After rebooting, APTus lets you remove Openbox as well.

It's just other way, but works.
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Thanks Pavroo, next time I will try. Kudos for this beautiful distro!  :)

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