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Running WoW on SparkyGameOver 64-bit edition

Started by Silverfire, August 28, 2018, 05:01:24 PM

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I've been reading up on how to do this on other Linux OS's and have a reasonable idea of what is needed.  Winetricks is telling me that some 32-bit libraries may not work/install correctly.  Does anyone know if this will apply to the 'corefonts' library that all installs indicate that I will need?

I'm using the current version of the GameOver edition. 

Thanks in advance for any replies.   
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Addendum: Would it be better to install the 32-bit GameOver version instead?
Ignorance is curable. Stupidity is not.


I don't think you can install winetricks into a wine 64bit bottle unless maybe there is an option with multiarch.  Most of the articles I have read say to create a separate 32bit wine prefix.  I found maintaining multiple wine bottles is much easier with Playonlinux which is included in the Sparkylinux distros under APTus games. There is already some support for World of Warcraft in their library of games. Also in APTus games on the Sparkylinux is Lutris - I have not tried this but it looks very interesting and seems to offer World of Warcraft support.

I currently use Codeweaver Crossover - to manage my wine bottle installs. I do seem to get better performance with it but it seems more restrictive than just using Playonlinux and both can be hit and miss with what works. Playonlinux will give you much more flexibility to easily switch up wine versions and install libraries and Crossover is a paid for software. I mostly bought it to support them because they are a large part of the development of wine.

I can't say one way or another about whether to use 32bit or 64bit Gameover version other than if I had a 64bit computer I would choose a 64bit os and find and install 32bit bottle to run 32bit games if needed. It just seems it would be faster, and take better advantage of the hardware in a 64bit machine and newer games will be 64bit and for older games and programs there are workarounds.

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