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its 1000% aptus is full of bugs in everybuild

Started by brothersofbelgium, August 09, 2018, 01:43:49 PM

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sorry to say but its the true tested 1000% full upgrade the fix do nothing ,
you can not removed one desktop in whatver build of sparkylinux it just dont work...
what if you have install the last build of sparky (what is openbox) and you hate openbox , so you install xfce , and what wil happen if you unstall openbox very strange from dev build it unstall that openbox ,but only open box can not unstall any other build i have tested .. from inside other desktops.
so if you have unstall openbox you are f**** can not login in xfce ,so you must reinstall your pc again ,so that is very bad...

i have seen enuff , in the build of 4.8 or 4.4 or whatever build it can not remove the desktops i have test it ...

you must check your build and not only the new build you must check out aptus or any scripts tested to the full , today its not working mister so it is not usefull
i love to build linux distro's and test things out to the limit ...


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