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flight mode

Started by jpx, July 31, 2018, 07:38:29 AM

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Hi all,
I'm really liking sparky linux. I want to take my netbook with on holiday & use it on the plane but cant find flight mode, is there one included or something I can download to do this? Is flight mode just the same as turning off wireless connectivity if so how do I go about this? 


It depends of a desktop.
I think, there is such option in the GNOME or KDE, mayby in MATE too, but didn't see in other DE.
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Shut down wireless and bluetooth.  Brute force would be on network and bluetooth.    You could set up a bash script and use systemctl  or use systemctl on the command line.

nmcli if you use NetworkManager on your machine. 

LXQT  cmst (gui)  or connmanctl (cli)  would work.   

Mate(17) has a widget for network.  I have to disable network and then enable via right clicking several times a shift at work - concrete walls, other apartments.

peace out. 
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