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Started by seppalta, July 30, 2018, 08:28:11 AM

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I think Sparky probably loses many users because they never get it installed.  Why spend a bunch of time trying to work thru the meager instructions, especially regarding partitioning and labeling, when there are dozens of competitors out there that install quicker and easier?  I am not a beginner, but I still haven't made a successful install starting with Sparky Openbox minimal 5.5.   So I just use 4.5.4 and upgrade.  Don't know if there is any difference in the install programs, but 4.5 installs, 5.5 doesn't, and both are difficult to administer using the advanced installer.

Once, using the simple install (installer does partitioning), everything installed, but I had a partition break-down with 16Gb swap on a computer with 16GB ram and an 80GB hard drive, which was not really what I wanted.


its very easy sparkylinux , the calamares installer , if you make another distro for example cinnamon , first must all other distros from thet linux system and make sure you have not that installer on it but calamares , before you make your distro or put things over to skell ..
wrks very good in sparkylinux no problem with that only in SparkyLinux 5.5 Dev i do it manual , the sparkylinux backup tool dont put the files from local to skell , have tested 3 times allready , but if it comes to install sparkylinuxs for new users its very easy i dont see it...
i love to build linux distro's and test things out to the limit ...


There are a few issues found in the latest 5.5 dev iso, the user files are copied to skel, but not to the new user home directory.
All fixed now, but it comes with the latest version of 'sparky-backup-core'.
I will publish a newer iso image of Sparky 5.5 RC this week to let you test it again.
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