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Hello there

Started by prince2phor21, June 20, 2018, 02:03:40 PM

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I'm a french guy who have been using linux for years. I have been using Linux Mint since the version 7 Gloria in 2007.
I also used LMDE rolling Linux Mint based on Debian.
I have been using Redo Backup for years. I used Mintconstuctor, Remastersys, and lately Systemback to make my own ISO file.
I tried to install Systemback on a hard-disk installation of Sparky 5.5 rescue, but I didn't go through.
SparkyLinux is an awesome tool!


Welcome to Sparky Linux.  LinuxMint  had been my system of choice since v3 Cassandra but the current version v18.3 has a fault, in that keyboard shortcuts doe not work unless there is a window open.  I looked for an alternative and decided to give Sparky Linux (based on Debian testing) a go and it has never let medown!
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