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High cpu usage by Xorg

Started by piker, March 14, 2018, 04:04:41 AM

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I have installed the latest Sparky XFCE and am having high (80-80%) cpu usage from Xorg. Not sure what to do as i've tried just about everything, such as changing from Nvidia Graphics acrd to Intel HD graphics, disabling Nouveau in the Grub etc. No change. Anyone else having these problems? Would changing the WM make any difference?


Are you sure is about Xorg?
Some xfce panel modules can br responsible of the cpu usage too.
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"Anyone else having these problems?",4195.0.html

I had xorg overun with Conky on SparkyKDE months ago. However following Paxmark's comment I re-installed Conky and it's now fine.....also PulseAudio was fixed sometime ago.

Before changing the window manager try another DE from Sparky Aptus that uses a different WM. Changing the Display Manager manually after doing so could also help.

Having 2 DEs installed solves a few problems as does avoiding NVidia.


It may have been caused by LightDM as I ended up installing Gnome Desktop which also installed another WM and cpu went from 85-90% to 1-2%. I also think that avoiding Nvidia is a good idea as well if possible.


HI. As described and solved here:,4195.0.html

I also have the same issue on a fresh install of sparky 5.4 + Xfce. Xorg process at 100% cpu load. Simply changing the Xfce Appearance theme to any other than "Sparky5" solves the Xorg 100% cpu load. So this "Sparky5" theme seems to be the issue here.
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