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HDMI vs Line-out sound issue - Solved

Started by Kookie, June 11, 2018, 12:52:02 PM

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I am new here using the Multimedia edition, I want to have an allround PC for TV and surfing and everyday duties.
Sparky is the best Linux to work with my ASRock J4205-ITX - intel Apollo Lake soc board

I have 2 problems yet to solve

- the monitor is connected via HDMI and when I run any program using sound, there is no sound.
  when I use the line-out I get sound  and when I unplug this line-out the HDMI sound suddenly works,
  even when I plug in a dead plug and disconnect it, it switches to HDMI...

- I have an old game from 1998 to use with wine,
  there are several programs to start manualy , but I cant find a "Dos/Windows program starter" to do it...



A new install solved the audio problem, the wine wrapper can make .exe to work...

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