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viber vs playonlinux

Started by carlo, June 04, 2018, 02:56:52 PM

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hi all
after the latest upgrade (which made the pc reboot in the middle of configuration, and a lot of much fuss ::) ) i've found out the viber application was not available anymore: after a lot of struggling i could install it, but it required libcurl3 which for some reason uninstalled playonlinux:  :o ::) :o ??? ::)
Anyone has the same issue? Any clue how to have both installed and working?


Yes carlo, I got the same.
The new curl (on Sparky 5) needs libcurl4 and removes libcurl3 which removes some packages with libcur3 as a dependency.
I already updated applications I control myself, changing the libcurl dep.
Rest of them is a Debian devs job.
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ay ay captain
i'll try to write viber guys

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