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RetroPie on Sparkylinux PC (not pi)

Started by Hockmiester, May 28, 2018, 08:37:03 PM

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Had a pi3b+ with retropie for a little while and everything is fine. The pi3b+ is a little underpowered for N64 etc but overall works well.

I dug out a old pc (1.6 atom with 2gb ram), which its old win7 was sluggish. win10 used too much resource so it was useless. I played with a few lightweight linux builds before finding sparky gameover and have been very impressed. Even the default mame build is excellent compared to other builds.

Anyway, I was thinking of adding retropie using git clone --depth=1

Rather than install the emulators 1 by 1.  When I did this on a jessie & debian 9 builds before sparky it didn't work when running the emulators (retropie started with no problem).

I searched the forum and 'retropie' gave 0 results.

Has anyone installed retropie? does it work?

Thanks Mike

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