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Wifi not working and no ethernet port

Started by Uknits, June 02, 2018, 02:44:40 PM

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So I've used sparky on my desktop before, and I have an HP Stream 13 that some idiot decided needed Windows 10 on with a hard drive with 32 gigs and 2 gigs of ram, so it is currently a shiny blue brick.  I want to install sparky, but, after disabling all of the security bot and HP security protocols to even boot sparky, my wifi will not connect.  It says there are no available networks, even though it seems to realize a card is there.  I've booted it up in 4 other distros, and none of them recognize an wifi networks, and all the solution I've found rely on ethernet connection, but my shiny blue brick has no ethernet ports.  What do I need to do?


1. Check is the Wifi not disabled in the UEFI settings board.
2. If not, run Sparky and show me an output from a terminal:
lspci -v

The second one if the wifi is connected via a usb port.
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I'm not sure how to change the uefi settings board.  I ran the command, and here is thje network output.
02:.00.0 Network controller: Broadcom Limited BCM43142 802.llb/g/n (rev 01)
             Subsystem: Hewlett-Packard Company BCM43142 802.llb/g/n
             Flags: fast devsel, IRQ255
             Memory at 91000000 (64-bit, nonpreferable) [size=32k]
             Capabilities: <access denied>


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How do I do this with no internet connection?  The laptop has no wired internet capabilities.


You have to manually download following packages from Debian repositry (for stable edition of Sparky 4.x):
broadcom-sta-dkms dkms linux-compiler-gcc-6-x86 linux-headers-4.9.0-6-amd64 linux-headers-4.9.0-6-common linux-headers-amd64 linux-kbuild-4.9

For Sparky 5 you have to download packages:
broadcom-sta-dkms dkms linux-compiler-gcc-7-x86 linux-headers-4.16.0-1-amd64 linux-headers-4.16.0-1-common linux-headers-amd64 linux-kbuild-4.16

and from Sparky repository:

Then install all of downloaded deb packages in a terminal emulator:
sudo dpkg -i *.deb
sudo modprobe wl

If you have 32 bit Sparky installed have to wait for rebuilding i386 wireless-bsm43142 package.
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