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ACPI BIOS Error (bug):

Started by yannig, December 14, 2017, 10:58:39 PM

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when i start sparky on my hp-mini netbook, i get this error message :
[   0.562571]ACPI BIOS Error (bug): \_SB.PCIO.OSC: Excess arguments - ASL dec
lared 5, ACPI requires 4(20160831/nsarguments-189)

followed by some other error messages, most of theme speaking of ACPI.

The computer then seems to run smoothly, except i can't suspend it, or it won't wake up again (at new start, it won't boot). There's a trick to start it again : pluging a usb stick, then calling the boot order menu.
Well that trick permit to get out of the pit, but i would prefer one for not to fall : could someone help me to get ACPI working ?



That BIOS is UEFI based and have a known problem when booting into legacy, if you don't use other OS, it can be better to install sparky definitely to UEFI boot, if you wish so, try following this guide but no need to re-install the system (if you don't wish to), only grub-efi:
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I noticed similar problem with Sparky 4 / 32 bit that I run actually on a HP 530 / dual core : Something like this :
ACPI Exception: AE_NOT_FOUND, Evaluating _PRS (20160831/pci_link-176)
Failed to find cpu0 device node
Some days before,I updated MX Linux 16 to MX17  in dual boot with new installed Sparky 4 / 32 bit. This problem was not existent on MX Linux16 /32 bit.
I think that problem comes from new kernel 32 bit of Debian 9. I searched in Internet and I found this problem was related also in the previous years, someone related for dual core cpu. Because I would keep both 32 bit Linux for old laptops I do not want to spend much more energy on this problem, but seems strange that kernel refuse to know Dual Core CPU.


Hi i just wanna say this error here i got sometime ago. acpi bios warning (bug): optional fadt field pm2controlblock has valid length but zero address: 0x0000000000000000/0x1 (20170831/tbfadt-658). This is actually a bios curruption and boot will be slower. i found an fix :D.

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