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GameOver ISO

Started by Hockmiester, May 28, 2018, 04:46:24 PM

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I hate to have to even ask this question as it feels like I've fallen at the 1st hurdle but...

Is there a separate ISO for GameOver edition? I could only see a few flavors in stable. I read its 4gb but could only find a 1.3gb iso. Couldn't seem to find one in development or rolling either.

I downloaded the 1.3gb stable and installed (which is very nice), I assumed during the install I might get prompted to 'upgrade' but this didn't happen.

Side topic, on that stable install above. When I was prompted to install the ram kernels (as I only have 2gb in this laptop), I opted for non but then on reboot the system hangs and never load. I'm re-flashing the image. Should I swerve the kernel installs?

Thanks Mike   


All the "Special" editions are available as rolling edition only.
But... If you installed 4.8, simply install "sparky-meta-game" package to get all games and tools targeted to GameOver edition.

Sorry, what does the "to install the ram kernels" mean please?
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Thanks, i'm doing that. It was more frustration from not being able to find it. The sparky-meta-update error'd the 1st time so I'm re-running.

The kernel things was to do with non-PAE or PAE. As I'm 2gb I selected non-pae but when I rebooted they os would load. I've re-imaged but this time selecting do nothing and everything seems ok. 


If you have installed Liquorix kernel via the first run tool, you have two kernels installed so the Debian's one can be choosen from the grub list on start up.

The kernel installation should not be there, (in the first run) have to remove it.
Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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