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Sparkylinux 5.3 Gameover edition on Gateway LT2107H (No Menu at the bottom)

Started by ssinfod, March 30, 2018, 05:29:02 PM

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I installed SparkyLinux 5.3 GameOver edition on a Gateway LT2107H.
(This is a small laptop with a 10.1 inch display)

I did a clean install with a USB dongle.

For some reason, there is no menu (at the bottom) when I log in.

There is just a Black screen but I can access the contextual menu when I do a right click.

Any idea why I don't see the menu at the bottom ? Is there any way to add the menu ?

Could it be related to a resolution problem since that is a very small laptop (10.1 inch display).

Note: I'm new to SparkyLinux but I am familiar with Linux (ubuntu) in general.

Thanks for any idea.



Probably due to OpenBox being used as the window manager.

You can change both the window manager and display managers for ones you prefer.

My SparkyKDE now uses SDDM as display manager and Kwin as the window manager.

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