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Icons on Mate Desktop... (SOLVED)

Started by tenfoot, April 24, 2018, 09:52:50 PM

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Using Sparky 5.3 Mate

Have done a recent install and completely forgotten how to have the Computer and Trash icons displayed on the Desktop. :(  Would some kind person on the Forum give me a gentle reminder how to achieve this, please?
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hope it helps


Thank you for your prompt reply but unfortunately, neither of them explained how I could show the Computer and Trash icons on the Desktop.
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Yes, it does.
Check opt:
3 Click  org -> mate -> caja -> desktop.
4 The picture above shows the options of computer-icon-visible, home-icon-visible, and trash-icon-visible. Un-tick that three options which will hide the home, trash, and computer icon from desktop. The result will be like the picture below.
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My sincere apologies to Penguin for my previous hasty reply and thanks to Pavroo for leading me on the correct path.  I hadn't realised I did not have dConf Editor installed.  Installing it and following Pavroo's instructions led to the solution. 

Both of you have made a sad geriatric very happy. :)
Dogs laugh, but they laugh with their tails.

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