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Installing programs...

Started by Dxjc, April 06, 2018, 03:50:11 AM

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So I installed the gameover Edition No problemo but after that I wanted to download Java so I did and it installed I have no idea how to access it considering I can't find the file in any of the Menus tabs (probably because I made it a deb file with alien  :-\ ). So now I'm just sitting here trying to find it aimlessly. Please help me senpi XD.


If you rebuilt it with alien and installed deb, I suggest to open Synaptic, and search for "java" (and uninstall if you find it) .
You can install open java instead ('default-jre' package), but GameOver has it already installed.
So why did you try to install other version of java?
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I understand that your program needs oracle java. That is the version that enables a control panel at the menu.

The reason @pavroo is that for exemple my country government, have a java based program to fill in the "income tax" and send it to IRS (federal tax manager), and it won't accept other than oracle version to work on.

I used this tutorial to install it with auto-update feature (first link latest version 9, second old version 8):

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