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How to disable OpenGL 2.

Started by carlossotelo, February 01, 2018, 02:43:39 AM

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Hi everybody, Im new in Sparky and Linux in general. I have an Intel atom n455 and the graphics have problems with Qupzilla and other apps (like black bars in upside) because is OpenGL 2 enabled by default, which is not fully supported on this micro. I can't disable it beacause the driconfig dont detect my integrated card.
[spoiler]$ xdriinfo
               Screen 0: not direct rendering capable.
The Drivers are updated, so i dont know why dont detect the card. But glxinfo Do. I only have problem with xdriinfo.

Well, thanks for your help and srry if my english is not good.


I found a post at manjaro linux about your hardware and changing the render mode, you must adapt the commands and package names to sparky type (where there is mhwd, it is apt-get, the best way to find should be search for each step he is taking to change the render mode, but on debian instead, as sparky is debian based).

Good luck! If anyone else know off a solution, please post a reply!
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Just for saying, i tried lubuntu and xubuntu and xdriinfo detect the card. I tried Debian too but is the same like sparky. Maybe is a problem of config files. I dont know   :-\ Anyway, thanks for help.


Well, you can't believe me, but I install the new ISO of sparky 5.3 and update all, and now xdriinfo detect the board :o. Thanks for help and srry for everything xD.

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