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Python3 and PyQt5 versions under SparkyLinux (?)

Started by ekdmekdm, March 22, 2018, 04:37:02 PM

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I plan at first to test SparkyLinux under VirtualBox.

I develop a small application that I have upgraded under Python3 and PyQt5... a simple question ; what versions of Python3 and PYQT5 are installed by default in SparkyLinux ?, ... which version of Spyder ?

Another question, how to configure wifi under SparkyLinux ?

See you soon.  :)


It depends of Sparky version you have - stable or rolling (testing).

You can check of packages version at Debian search package site, for example 'python3':

You can also check what packages are pre-installed in a specific Sparky version (don't know about your) in a sparky-xxx-.iso.package-list.txt file.
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