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minimalcli install - incorrect grub location choice

Started by piker, March 19, 2018, 11:08:28 AM

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I used minimalcli live usb to install to my laptops disk1. It has 2 disks. After booting up I went through the menu choices and then created 1.efi boot 2.swap 3.sparky root folder and 4./home directory. After installation was finished I was asked where I wanted Grub installed. After studying the choices I chose "sda" as I had installed to the first disk. That was a bad choice as I then couldn't boot and was taken only to "grub rescue>". I tried a number of  "set prefix" and "set root" settings after looking at the results of "ls" (which were:hd0,hd1,hd1 gpt1,hd1 gpt2,hd1 gpt3,hd1 gpt4) but couldn't find one that worked. Given my setup which one should I have chosen? Fortunately I had made a clone image so I got back my system, but I need to know how to avoid this happening next time. Also if I choose Gnome_Shell from desktop choices will I be able to upgrade it to the full Gnome version from that? Thanks.


I used to install grub to sda to, should work.
Mayby it will be helpful:

The GNOMe Shell installs only basic applications to let you run the shell, and you can do what you want after.
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Thanks pavroo. I can only guess that the efi partition wasn't formatted properly because it should have written the grub to that as it was at the root of the first disk (sda)? Out of the choices that grub-rescue gave (hd0,hd1,hd1 gpt1,hd1 gpt2,hd1 gpt3,hd1 gpt4) which one should have had the Grub installed to? hd1 gpt1?

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