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Thank SparkyLinux 5.3 as 1 wonderful OS for eeePC with Bluetooth surf

Started by saphireLee, March 17, 2018, 11:08:26 PM

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I have one eeePC Asus1025C which original display 1024X600, CPU Atom x32, 2GB.

I have practiced more OS on it, and now I finally locked on Sparky Linux 5.3 instead of 4.7 and others, such as LXLE, Emmabuntüs, Lubuntu, peppermint, Android X86 7.1Release.

The dis-advantage is that:
1. Installation can not pass the partition manuel under 1024X600, it killed LXLE, Lubuntu, peppermint, and more;
2. Android X86 is vepoor performance on Atom for normal usage.
3. some Linux like Emmabuntüs can not continue update or upgrade, must be reinstall from new ISO.
4. The poor eeePC cannot support virtualbox because of 2GB memory.
5. Sparky Linux 4.7 cannot support blueman well.

Now I have a new trouble from my smartphone LG G3, because its WIFI part is broken to keep working for 5 second, maybe you can ignore the LG smartphone because of poor Sn material with heating.

If I have a Mac, that is easy for connection from the Mac sharing its WiFi on bluetooth channel, then smartphone connect the bluetooth channel, it needs money!
For MicroSoft Windows, it is impossible to share as above, No software supported.
Linux, there is Git/gnirehtet(1.X can be available for X32; 2.X is only for AMD64) chose USB connection, Some like cannot work at all, Some like Google play store works.

The amazing OS is Sparky Linux 5.3 with Blueman, it really works very good! None is wrong way.

I also tried to install blueman on Linux Mint 18.3, however, bluetooth sharing cannot live.

So I must say Thank you, Sparky Linux 5.3, it is a really Top 1 for eeePC with good performance, complete Hardware support, esp. on Bluetooth support.

Good Job!


Hi saphireLee and welcome to the Sparky forums. Good to kear that Sparky keeps your eee alive and kicking. :)
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