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Connecting To A Windows Workgroup - How To?

Started by xaburin, March 01, 2018, 04:23:32 PM

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Hello all,

I am fairly new to Linux, and completely new to Sparky, so don't feel bad about dumbing down any explanations. I need it.

With that being said, I have a large amount of movie files that I would like to share throughout the house, and all of my other computers are all set up. The only thing missing is to get my Sparky pc connected to the workgroup. I have done a bit of research, and though I can find some good tutorials on how to get things set up on Ubuntu and a few other distros, I am not finding anything solid for Sparky. I gave the tutorials I did find a chance, but they all mentioned right click a file and configuring it's share settings which I found to be a not present option.

Is there anyone who has done this who could guide me a good walk through on this?

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I have not dealt with a microsoft system for years, so I cannot be very specific regarding the windows side.  You should  be able to set-up  file-sharing in a variety of ways.  For my linux systems I use the ftp address and my file browser (pcmanfm).  See the appropriate section of for details.  All you should need is the password from the windows user to access the files on the windows computer.  You will have to use the windows computer to determine which files he is sharing, which you apparently already done since you mentioned already having a network set-up.

You can use samba to share files.  For details, see, in particular, number (7) at the bottom where some lip-service is paid to windows.

Finally, you can just transfer files using a file-transport software like file-zilla, which works on both windows and linux.

If you have specific questions on setting up a method, fire them here and we will be glad to comment.


Hi guys!

  I am not a windows guy, but I do work with mr. constructor OS on the business environment, and I am now finishing a project on getting the old machine ones (dual core namely) OSes changed to sparky. On my case, we have Active Directory, witch is a domain with users and loguin (a much more complicated setup).

  Since you are new to both, linux world and sparky, I may suggest you take a read at this post to understand better what is sparky and which tutorials to search for, also, what not to do that will lead to a broken system:,4243.msg10591.html

  Understandig better what's "under the hood" of your machine is a good start point.

  On the windows side, you need to take a look at some configurations, like is it a "Home group" share? What are the share settings, which is the minimum encryption required, is it password controlled or is "let windows control"? Than you can search on how to configure that specific type of network into samba, that have many GUI's and CLI's configuration guides, also changing the way it's done depending on the desktop (DE) you installed (LXQT, KDE, GNOME....).
  Also, apart from that, many DE have integration to run other's DE programs, like KDE, which can run GTK type even it's QT based.

All I can say is if you do things right, you will never regret or get back. Take some time to read first (I learned that on the hard way, breaking things first, which is ok, but could avoid this suffering =D )

Welcome Sparker!
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Another previous reply to connecting can be found at,3550.msg7966.html#msg7966.

Main points are...

Set up your samba config file on Sparky......for each step google is your friend!.... It is right when you can see your linux PC samba shares in that same pc's file manager's network. PCmanfm>network>samba shares....Sparky_Password installed from Aptus_extra helps to set up user groups and passwords.

Something occured in Dolphin that prevents directly showing samba shares unless using the ip address.

When you are able to see Linux samba shares on the same PC connect the window pc's.

Main points .... Must be in a Workgroup using the same workgroup name throughout ...NOT a Homegroup

For practical reasons I've turned off Password Sharing on the windows pc

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