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<SOLVED> Broadcom issues - Sparky Minimal GUI 5.2

Started by Lend27, February 15, 2018, 03:51:12 AM

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When I try to install "broadcom-sta-dkms" it says unable to locate package.
If I do a standard Debian install with Stretch or Buster, that package is available and after installing it along with the appropriate headers, my wifi works 100% of the time.
Why is that package not available through Sparky?
I added contrib and non-free to sources as I always do, then updated, and still no package available.
Are there any files that could be missing in the Sparky Minimal GUI install?
I ran the "install codecs" package with no issues.

Any ideas?


It's nothing about Sparky, it is Debians devs move.
The package is available in Debian stable Stretch and unstable Sid repos, but not in testing Buster.
So temporary enable Sid repos or download the deb manually.
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