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HowTo: cinelerra videoeditor


Wonder that a creativ lab don't serves cinelerra in the repositorys. It's exential for professional videoediting.
You get that stuff for 64 bit machines here:

--- Code ---
--- End code ---

sources are to download here

--- Code ---
--- End code ---

The website with that links and a documentation you find here:

--- Code ---
--- End code ---

DonĀ“t worry about it doesn`t work, its because you need another libpng, but you get it from the repositorys:
Open a terminal (normaly you can push the keys alt + Strg + T but not in Sparky - why ?????)
sudo  apt-get install libpng12-0
Make this first.

If you have downloaded  cinelerra 7, unzip this package, (right click and choose unzip) in a folder of your choice. So you get a new folder called bin, and in there are all files cinelerra need to work fine.  Open a terminal in this folder called bin (right click and choose ...terminal) and do:

Thanks.  Your installation directions were excellent.  I created the following small bash script to launch it: 

--- Code: ---#!/bin/bash
       cd ~/bin/cinelerra/bin/
--- End code ---

Now, to learn how to use it!!!   :P

Later:  Ug, cinelerra makers apparently never heard of the KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) Principle.  I think I will be sticking with ffmpeg.  See, for example, number 10 in
--- Code ---
--- End code ---

I tried to build it, but failed.
What I can do is debianize the existing 64 bit binary only and put it to our repos.

Show your machine

uname -a


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