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[solved] Unaligned desktop icons

Started by nubipengen, January 24, 2018, 11:40:44 PM

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hello everybody, i am using sparky 5.1 xfce 32-bit.

it is not a big issue, but i am just wondering what i am missing here.
the texts are not aligned at center under the icons, no matter the icon size.

how do i make the texts centered ?
thanks before.


I't quite strange, but as I can see, you changed xfce theme, so I did the same, and...
My icon's names look the same as yours...
I choose sparky 5 theme back, and after re-login the text put to center back after, so try.
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yes, you're right, sir.
after changing the theme, it is back to normal.
so i think it is an issue with "Numix-SX" style.

thanks again, sir.

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