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alternative keyboard

Started by handy1912, January 23, 2018, 02:53:00 PM

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How do I get an alternative keyboard in Thai. I have checked it in the language section but can not work out how to get the keyboard to type it?
I have read previous posts on this subject but none of them is in simple enough language for me to understand. I have already tried all they suggest without success. i was able in Lubuntu to get it easily with the flag of the country whose keyboard was active in the task bar. Any instructions would be gratefully accepted.


What Sparky Linux flavour you use ?

in XFCE simply you can add it by > Settings -> Keyboard -> Layout.

I am far way from my Sparky Machine for the moment to post a screenshot for this.

Look at this links.

Lubuntu use LXDE. But I think is the same.

If you want to make Thai keyboard your favorite one :

Look at my post here :

also search on this forum my posts related keyboard issue.

Hope this is what you asking for.


Sorry Penguin for not getting back sooner.
I am still without a second keyboard.
My version is 4 Tyche I enclose a shot of desktop which will tell you what desktop I have and shows that I now have this thingy on the bottom bar calling itself keymap. On right click the languages are listed alphabetically but go only as far as Sweden. Tantalisingly close to the TH of Thailand.
In my version there is nothing resembling the simple proceedures mentioned in the links you gave me.
I read that the installer gives one the opportunity install a second language from the outset. I think that was version 5.
Thank you for your help to date. Sorry I can not work out how to add the screenshot but i assume it is xfce same as default Lubuntu and MX16.


This is how it is done in Sparky KDE- you may find it of use even if it is a different DE.

Go to settings>system settings>input devices>Keyboard>Layouts>Configure Layouts>+Add>Any Language and scroll down to Thai and select your preferances 

ๆไำพะั ฟิแ .....มันได้ผล!!


Thanks Wombat. I now have as previously described the ability to type at will any language as far down as Swedish in the alphabet. I can not work out how to extend the list in the keymap applet on the taskbar though.  Russian  кнгшшшоупдгб   greek ηεθςξις,  Hebrew  קנרק' but the list stops at swedish. Any clues.

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