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Wifi not working after update

Started by will, January 16, 2018, 08:29:22 PM

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Hello, I'm new on GNU/Linux and looked for a gamer version of the system. I found SparkyLinux, tried it live and decided to install on my HD. The wifi worked as normal in the live version. It worked after a fresh install too, but after I updated and upgraded the system it shows and connects to the wifi, stay connected but I can't access anything. I have to use theetering with my smartphone to get a connection. Is there any way to revert the driver to the old state? Thanks.


Try to run your system using older kernel.
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My system is running dual boot with Windows 10, but I don't even know how to setup the old kernel since it is the first time I installed SparkyLinux. Do I have to install the whole system again and don't update?


Reboot your system.  When it comes back up there will be a "Grub" screen for several seconds 
EDIT        ##picture

QuoteOnce GRUB stage 2 has loaded, it presents a TUI-based operating system selection (kernel selection) menu, where the user can select which operating system to boot. GRUB can be configured to automatically load a specified kernel after a user-defined timeout; if the timeout is set to zero seconds, pressing and holding ⇧ Shift while the computer is booting makes it possible to access the boot menu.[9]
##wikipedia  end edit.

Type on the down = " pgdn" (maybe)  = inverted pyramid symbol to enter advanced options.

You will seen a list of available kernels. You will probably have 2 kernels.   I have 4.14.0-2    and then a similar one with 4.14.0-2  (recovery mode)
and then

similar lines for 4.13 and 4.13 (recovery mode) 

Your numbers may vary

Select the smaller number by moving down the menu to highlight the smallest kernel number - but not the recovery option.  ## Hopefully that will do the trick.

If you continue to  have problems you can also look up how to use "search engines to use lspci"  and/or "inxi" to find out info about your computer and it's component at the command line and then post the code (marked up as code) of your wifi and ethernet cards.    "inxi -N" is one option. 

Since you are using Sparky you do not have to worry about installing the non-free components, Sparky has already done that for you. 

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Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


Thank you so much guys, but it did't work. I think I have to reinstall everything and don't make any general update or upgrade. I will update every app separately. If anything goes wrong I will know what was. Thank you all  ;)

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