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NVidia following others to end 32bit support.

Started by Wombat, December 30, 2017, 12:30:53 AM

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Recent news report notes NVidia ending 32bit support over the next 12 months

....running older NVidia cards on linux has been difficult even before this decission.

Converting to 64bit is not just an upgrade. It is a complete re-install of the linux or windows os's and the end to any unsupported peripherals.

Lucky for us we can just download the latest sparky64 edition.

If anyone still needs to upgrade a windows pc note that the free W10 upgrade ceases sometime soon (end of year??) through the 'accessibility' method so don't miss out.
Upgrade to W10 32bit first....record the Activation Number just in case there is a problem. Then do a complete W10 64bit install. The activation carried over automatically on my daughter's laptop done last week.

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