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SOLVED How do I change the date format?

Started by poohduck, December 18, 2017, 01:41:50 PM

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Date format in bottom right hand corner of screen is MMDDYYYY. I'd like it to be DDMMYYYY. Can anybody shed some light? I'm using openbox, so no lovely gui's. It doesn't look like the format setting is in Panel. The calendar I have shows up when you click on clock. If you hover cursor over clock the current date shows.

Sorry, don't know how to delete this, so I'll show what I found. In panel, under clock, I changed this one line from this:

TooltipFmt = %A %x

to this:

TooltipFmt = %a %e %m %Y       (this shows Tue 19 12 2017)

I used the "build your own" option in this tool:


"..First day of week

You might want to use the default en_US locale because some software doesn't play nice when locale's set to something else, but you want to have the first day of the week set to Monday, not to Sunday, like it's defined in en_US. To get this desired behaviour you can add the following to /etc/default/locale:


This also change the date format to whatever that locale have as standard, if different from you system location, this is the proper way to change it.

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