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I know nothing.....

Started by Volvoartictech, July 16, 2018, 08:36:28 PM

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Okay, so im sure this has been asked and talked about a hundred times, I have had it with Windows 10 on my system, the constant freezing, GPU driver conflict issues.... the lack of decent support...and so on. I have a pretty high power gaming rig but I scared about going to Linux, i've never seen it....never run it....and definitely never installed it.  I looked a few places and the Sparky Linux keeps coming up as a solid gaming OS (do they call it an OS?) I need help or links that can point me in the right directions. Im decent at running software and can do some good trouble shooting for the most part but like a lot of people a bit gun shy about a Linux platform. So I am wondering if anyone can answer a few questions?

Will Linux run newer games without issues? Battlefront II, Titanfall 2, and so on...

Will it run normal office type programs?

Any issues with Nvidia drivers?

How hard is it to run in general?

I appreciate any help I can get, thanks


Thank you, I'll start there


The operating system is Linux or GNU-Linux.
The distribution is SparkyLinux which is based on the Debian distributions packages and package updating and installing.  Sparky's start was one of the most simple and easy ways to install the Testing version of Debian especially with a wifi install.  There are some other nice things added on top of Debian by Pavroo.  Sparky4 is based on Debian 9 (Stretch)  Sparky 5 is based on Debian 10 (Buster) which is a rolling distribution, updates and new programs and major upgrades to libraries and progams happen here. 

If you are quite new, I might be so bold as to encourage you to start with the "4" version of Sparky.  Once you get some more experience, it can be quite simple to move from the Stable binary package versions to the Testing binary package versions.

LIbreOffice for office. 
All linux versions have problems with the newest Nvidias and some nice treats in the GPU do not make it to Linux for a few months, Windoze  is the first thing Nvidia supports.  until a little down the road, blame Nvidia.     is also your friend for info
last updated June 23

The open source version of the Nvidia driver is called nouveau  - if it works well enough for you, that will simplify things.  To get a newer version in Stretch - stable try the backports.

NOTE Sparky has a wiki too.

peace out.

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