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Problem with reboot/shutdown after upgrade

Started by leGarde, December 10, 2017, 03:25:52 PM

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Hola Sparkies!
Yesterday LXQt was installed. After that have some problem with rebooting/shutdowning but finaly system do what is needed.
After upgrade when i try to push reboot/shutdown my Sparky told me (window with a blue bird near clocks):
Power Manager Error
(D-BUS call)

No such method 'reboot'
in interface
'org.lxqt.session' at
object path '/
LXQtSession' (signature

At first i tryed
[code]dpkg --configure -a
apt update
apt install -f
apt full-upgrade

Now have no idea what to do. Anyone have some? ???


Don't know what happend yet, but upgrade of lxqt came to testing repos already.
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Haha! I find a solution: install Steam => open it in Big Picture => push shutdown menu => choose reboot/shutdown and wooala!
I think a main reason of this problem is casul pc that gonna become Steam Machine =D

P.S. godbless Valve and Gabe Newell!


IT MIGHT be a good idea to hold off on upgrading LXQT.  If you do, a virtual terminal might be your friend.

EDIT added - Any other issues for for LXQT transition problems should go to the LXQT transition post. 

I just upgraded and I have more problems than just powering off.  the irc channels to listen and lurk and post are noted below.

As posted recently, the LXQT transiton is happening. 

To be blunt, your "solution" seems to be a bit much.  ## typed earlier
I noticed the same problem.  I just went into a terminal and typed "poweroff"  as root.  "sudo poweroff" would work as user

Blunt, yes, but when a transition brings in new bugs, to bring in new programs to go around a bug in a graphical program is a recipe for even bigger problems.

I am very busy these days.  If you wish you could file a bug with LXQT and / or go into the irc channel and ask for help.  Freenode #lxde is best.  (OFTC #lxde is the site for lxde support.)  You might also get help at OFTC #debian-lxqt  Technically they do not have to help Sparky folks there.  melmarker- agaida  very well might. 

The thread on lxqt 0.12 transition continues at         I saw no mention of the poweroff problem, but the getting into pcmanfm problem is happening to me. 
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.

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