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Started by poohduck, November 20, 2017, 11:55:54 AM

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I should say, I've only done some basic slimming down of the system processes because I don't understand fully what is needed and what isn't. But right now, with task manager running (which is using 22.4mb ram itself) the system is using 140 mb ram. That is really 118 mb because I wouldn't normally have task manager running. I think that's awesome. With the latest version of opera web browser running it has jumped up to 231 mb ram (not including task manager). And about 27mb for every extra tab I open. It makes this old netbook quite usable. Well done sparky :)


I did not asked you 32bit or 64 bit (32bit systems use roundly 30-50% memory less) ? My Mx Linux of 32 bit goes fast with 127 MB as I remember. I did not try Sparky xfce 32 bit.But I think to give a try.
I have found Sparky Linux sometimes, much simple that MX Linux.For example - One Click Update, Aptus Utility, Cleaning/Repairing of broken packages, a newer kernel and base, etc.The only problem is small community that Sparky have.I participate on both forums, trying to contribute as much I can.


Sorry Penguin, I don't get notifications of posts, so just found yours. 32 bit, atom processer, 10yo netbook. I've just put sparky on this laptop, which is older again, slower cpu. Initially I tried sparky with supposedly a lightweight desktop (on this laptop), not much memory used but cpu was running at 100%. Even now, cpu is 3 or 4%, that's with openbox. With the lightweight desktop it was only 4 processes or services that were munching up the cpu. This thing flies now, as good as my better laptop that I use for video / photo editing (a lean windows system). Of course, the biggest thing I use on this is opera web browser with lots of tabs going.

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