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[SOLVED] advanced bash scripting guide

Started by poohduck, November 28, 2017, 03:41:42 AM

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this isn't a question, just something I've found that other newbies might find useful. I ran the synaptic package manager and installed the recommended updates (after removing a few unnecessary ones). One of the packages selected for installing or updating was abs guide - the advanced bash scripting guide. I assumed this would install somewhere logical like documents, but no. Anyway, I won't tell you where it installs to because the book is made up of all sorts of elements, including html files. What you need is to create a symbolic link from index.html to your documents folder, and all will work (well that's what I've done). The index.html is in usr/share/doc/abs-guide/html.


how to search in linux systems.

After some install..

in terminal

sudo updatedb

use locate command in terminal
locate *what_you_want_to_find*

or command find

fsearch or angrysearch
(similar to everything utility on windows )

If you want to know what files your package package will install.... Open synaptic, click on package that you installed > Properties>Installed Files (I am farway from my Linux machine). If you can not find Properties ... play with Settings of Synaptic to make it visible.

something like here:


I found the location via synaptic package installer, properties etc. One of the options you have pointed out  :)

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