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Hello forum folks =D

Started by Capitain_Jack, December 12, 2017, 08:56:48 PM

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I've been in contact with Pawel and others trough Facebook page, but decided to join you.

I've been using linux since looong time ago, always looking to Debian and it's derivated nonfree distro's, but not jumped into the scene until I came face to face with SparkyLinux Game Over Edition last year, this with the launch of wine 2.0 (witch gave me true windows games on linux power) made me change once and for all.

I play various games within Steam (those native to linux I never install a windows copy) and Steam trough PlayOnLinux, not having much time to play as I'm a grown adult with kids, family and studies going on,but still love gamming.

The one game that made me surprise was Diablo 3, at the same machine, within sparky setup was at least 3x faster and with all settings on top (exept anti-aliasing).

If I recommend Sparky? Hell YEAH! I even got banned from a facebook Debian Brazil page for telling people to go gamming on it, but I got back of course.

For those who defend pure debian: remember to let go nonfree packages =D (no drivers at all)

For us, happy good choices over life is what make it worth. Sparky is life, Sparky 4 life!

My name is Daniel Campos Ramos, I'm from Brazil, live at the capital city Brasilia and speak English, Portuguese (BR =P ) and a little bit of spannish.
"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds."
Albert Einstein


Welcome to Sparky forums Capitain_Jack, nice to hear that you got your game going with Sparky. :)
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